View Full Version : Stuttering and skipping at beginning of songs

2009-12-08, 17:41
Anybody have a problem with music stuttering, getting lower then louder, and skipping at the beginning of songs? Any remedies?

2010-01-15, 21:56
If you have a wireless connection you may want to try wired.

2010-01-16, 03:08
That is typical of wi-fi throughput issues. Squeezeboxes run a high rate at the start of the song to fill the buffer, this is where I have experienced issues in the past.

You either go wired, or try moving wireless router and/or Duet. A little movement can make a major difference. Look in the Web page Settings->Information for the WiFi signal strength. It needs to be 60 to 70% minimum for good FLAC streaming.