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Kevin Hawkins
2004-07-28, 03:57

As far as I am aware there are no 'if you want this size library
then you need this sort of spec machine / OS ' guidelines available from
Slim Devices. If you are saying that my problems are definitely caused by
lack of RAM then that is the FIRST time someone has said that. Indeed in my
past posts you will see that when the machine spec has been given I have
always had the response 'that should be more than adequate'. Ineed an
adjacent post from Howard implies that even doubling my RAM may not solve
these issues.

You also state that 'crippling it with Windows' is not a good choice
- again echoing what I've always thought that the XP based solution is very
much a poorer cousin to the Linux one. I acknowledge totally this is an OS
issue and not a code issue. Unfortunately the Linux based step is a big one
for me as a simple 'end user' of the Slim product - and I am by no means a
novice in IT . For an average 'end user' this takes the product out of the
consumer products category. For me takes the server install out of the
realms of things I can understand and makes installing any plugins an

As to the comment...

"I can't possibly siphon enough songs,
> nor does my volunteer effort here pay for enough storage
> to hold a library of such size."

I don't know what your role / relationship here is with Slim Devices
.. Any company commercially offering a product like the Slim player should
surely be in a position to investigate what happens at the limits of the
products spec and advise users what those limits are and what might be done
to alleviate the problems. To imply 'volounteer' ie not paid - and 'not
having a sufficient library size' is surely a responsibility of Slim Devices
(rather than yourself) to address. I am not criticising the open
contributors efforts at all - what I am saying however is that the product
is falling short of a usable product with my size library on Windows and
that SlimDevices seem to turn a blind eye. If the recommended solution is
Linux then so be it. IF its more RAM then likewise. But if more RAM isnt the
issue I as an end user just waste my money.

Lastly I would add that the library size that I have is adequately
managed by at least two other applications running on XP without issue and
well within the RAM I have - sorting and searching work fine, almost
instantly. Hitting 'search for song' and losing my displays for 15 minutes
seems to be more than just a RAM issue. To that extent I cant help but feel
that the way Slim manages its database is not optimal - this may well be a
legacy issue, deep routed in Perl and it may well be being addressed, indeed
I have heard for some time now that it is being. Whatever the issue is, it
is resulting in a less than happy user experience for me as an XP user.

Perhaps SlimDevices providing some Library/RAM guidelines for XP and
a statement that Linux is the 'higher performance' option will help the many
others who also seem to have this issue.


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> so upgrade to a system that will let you install more
> memory. I mean, sheesh...I want unlimited songs, instant
> response and every single sorting algorithm possible. I'm
> sorry for being one of those who 'can't reproduce, but
> really...I can't. I can't possibly siphon enough songs,
> nor does my volunteer effort here pay for enough storage
> to hold a library of such size. Were it even possible, I
> woudln't even consider crippling it with windows. not
> just beucase of religious issues, but becuase I can't
> afford windows. I run linux.
> to develop in perl under windows, you need to pay money,
> as with anyting in windows. Were it not so blocked I'd
> be more than willing. Put blame where it belongs.
> -kdf
> Quoting Kevin Hawkins <lists (AT) ukusa (DOT) demon.co.uk>:
> > Hi Jeff,
> >
> > I have been seeing this behaviour for a while on XP -
> maybe 9 months
> > - with my system which has 8 SliMP3 players - although
> only a couple
> > are ever playing currently - I have a large library 100K
> tracks on a 2
> > Ghz 512MB Ram machine. The machine is almost dedicated
> to SlimServer.
> > Even when just playing I get 'pauses' about every 20
> mins where the
> > display blanks and I lose audio for 30 secs or so. If I
> search for a
> > track I lose my displays for over 15 minutes :-( I am
> unable to add
> > more RAM due to a motherboard limitation. The total
> hangs are not very
> > frequent but definitely do happen from time to time. I
> am going to try
> > one more time shortly by moving this to another machine
> with 1GB RAM
> > as I believe it's a memory sizing issue buthistrorically I have
> > experienced the same problem here on three different XP
> machines as I
> > tried resolving this. Other users I know have similar
> issues ongoing.
> >
> > I have submitted many cries for help to this Slim list
> and also filed
> > some bug reports - and although I have often got an
> initial response
> > the problem has never been solved. Indeed the
> outstanding bug was even
> > closed as 'solved' last week even though my emails in
> relation to that
> > bug clearly state that it wasn't. The Q about duplicate
> tracks and
> > whether they could cause any problems still, I believe,
> remains unanswered.
> >
> > Of recent date I have begun to lose faith in the
> SlimServer on XP -
> > SlimDevices seem to always support XP as a secondary
> platform to Linux
> > and I see too many posts saying 'unable to reproduce the
> problem' /
> > try the nightly / we havent got such a large library to
> test against -
> > and then just hoping it goes away . Demoing my 'toy' to
> visitors is no
> > longer the joy it used to be. I am afraid the constantly
> evolving
> > nature of the SlimServer software seems to have worked
> against the
> > usability on Windows and I have lost confidence. As you
> can see from
> > the number of players I have, I was previously 'sold'.
> Having any end
> > user product where you get 30 second interruptions to
> the audio just
> > while playing or where the UI blanks on launch or for
> periods of time
> > when you hit 'search' is clearly a design failing - or
> my hardware is
> > not capable enough. I had high hopes that the
> > 5.2 / 5.3 release would create the stability/usability
> milestone that
> > was promised - it fell short I'm afraid for me.
> >
> > As I said I remain convinced it's a memory issue - and
> I am hoping
> > this >might< be the only issue - I am going to try 1GB
> and if that
> > fails I am considering installing Linux which is new
> ground totally
> > for me. I have had greater success with the standard application
> > version (rather than the service which just doesn't work
> well for me
> > and additionally introduces high cpu lockouts). I also
> have the same
> > library (which is on NAS) served by other music applications now
> > without problem. Indeed as I have such an investment in
> players I am
> > considering totally push driving the SlimServer via the CLI and
> > removing its own need to manage a library. Although I
> would lose the
> > IR control and all search facilities I could still at
> least play uninterrupted music and select via a home
> theatre front end / web interface.
> > I love my Slim players but they are just not delivering
> the useabilty
> > for me anymore.
> >
> > Kevin
> >
> >
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> > >
> > > I'm wondering if _anyone_ on this list is seeng the sort
> > > of behavior that I described in my earlier post (see
> > > below). I didn't get much response to my original
> > > message, so maybe I'm alone here. I have submitted this
> > > problem to Slim Devices support, but haven't had any
> > > resolution yet. It's been two weeks and I'm in the
> > > position of having to restart the slim server on a daily
> > > basis. Needless to say this is sub-optimal.
> > >
> > > To review, I upgraded to 5.2 on my Windows XP box and
> > > things seemed fine. But after a while I noticed that the
> > > Squeezebox would lose connection to the server (symptom:
> > > the Squeezebox display is blank). I'd check the server
> > > and it would look just fine, running and not doing
> > > anything weird. Restart the server and everything's OK
> > > again, for a while.
> > >
> > > If nobody else is seeing this, then I have to assume it
> > > has something to do with my setup here. But I don't think
> > > that I changed anything to cause this to start happening.
> > >
> > > Windows XP Pro SP1 on a 1.2 Ghz Celeron with 256 Mbytes of
> > > RAM Linksys wireless network
> > >
> > > Thoughts anyone?
> > >
> > > - Jeff
> >
> >
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