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Chris Wood
2004-07-27, 16:26
I'm new to the list and a new squeezebox owner. I've been following the list
for a month or so and thought it would be a good time to report in with what
I've noticed on this issue.

I have Windows XP Pro, one squeezebox with firmware v.29, am using
slimserver 5.2.1, and realslim 6.0 to stream rhapsody. I'm running rhapsody,
realslim & slimserver inside their own newly created Windows XP login.

Slimserver and realslim both startup as services when I boot Windows. I
start rhapsody and listen away with no problems for 3 or 4 hours. I notice
that when I check back on the pc and look in the task manager "svchost.exe"
is the one hogging the cpu. Depending on how long I've let everything run it
will typically be up around 80% after 4 hours. Leaving things running will
see it rise all the way up to 99%. If I sit and watch the task manager I
notice that the memory size of "lsass.exe" is jumping up constantly at the
same time at around 65,000K... If I clean boot the pc the memory size of
"lsass.exe" starts out at 1,120K and stays that way until I start streaming
content to the squeezebox.

Here's info on "lsass.exe":

Process File: lsass or lsass.exe
Process Name: Local Security Authority Service
Description: Windows Local Security Authority Server Process handles Windows
security mechanisms. It verifies the validity of user logons to your
computer or server. Technically, the software generates the process that is
responsible for authenticating users for the Winlogon service.
Company: Microsoft Corp.
System Process: Yes

From testing over a week or so I've noticed that if I close rhapsody, then
manually stop the realslim service - nothing changes. Alternatively if I
manually stop slimserver - nothing changes. Alternatively if I manually
close rhapsody, stop realslim, and stop slimserver - nothing changes. So to
repeat if I stop rhapsody and kill the realslim and slimserver services the
problem still exists.

If instead I simply stop the "svchost.exe" process that is using all the cpu
- the cpu drops to idle at 1%. From this point I've found that the
slimserver process is still running but doesn't work and that I need to
reboot to get the slimserver process working again, it refuses to start back
up when stopping and starting it manually.

I'm not technical enough to know what is really going on here but hopefully
someone will make sense of this. "lsass.exe" may be showing because I am
using a second user account or.. could it be something to do with
authentication between winXP and the squeezebox?

Apologies for long post, other than the issue here I love the new toy I
have, and have faith that this will get resolved with the help of this great
community effort I see.

Chris Wood.

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I'm not technical enough to know if this is relevant, but I thought I'd
share it.
Apart from dealing with WLAN interference, my only current SlimServer issue
is occasional 98-99% CPU utilisation on my Win XP server which causes
streaming to Squeezeboxes to be poor or to stop.
Others report similar issues.
I thought it had been solved a few times - e.g recursive music folder
shorcuts - but it always came back. I originally thought it was a
rescanning issue, but I don;t think so now.

Yesterday I noticed that it had happened again; on a whim I went to the
other room (where I work and where my laptop is constantly running a web
session to slimserver so I can control my listening) and closed the Browser.
Going back to the server the slim.exe session had immediately reduced to 2%.
This morning it was behaving OK; then I noticed that the IE progress bar was
stuck in the SlimServer Browser Window. I went to the server; sure enough -
98% CPU for slim.exe. I closed the laptop Browsere Window - slim.exe
immediately down to 1%.
Does this mean that the CPU issue is solely related to the web server side?
And, what debug facility do I turn on the check this theory?

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