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2009-12-07, 14:43
Hello everybody

I am a new Squeezebox owner and user.

I made some search on the forum without finding any answer to my problem.

My main goal by buying the squeezebox was to be able to listen easely (mean without a computer) to french and lithuanian radios. For french radio it is perfect I manage to have everything I wished.

The problem is for the lithuanian radios (from the national broadcasting service Lietuvos Radijas). I found the stream URL and add them in my favorites. But I can't get anything. As I understand some format are not supported by the SB.

Is there a way to solve this problem (a pluggin perhaps)?

The 2 radio I want to have and that I listen without problem on my computer with VLC are: qui pointe sur un mms qui pointe sur un mms

Thanks in advance for your answer

2009-12-08, 10:32
I believe that the problem is not the asx, but rather the mms.
Please see http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3383

2009-12-09, 08:16
Nobody can help me :(

2009-12-09, 08:50
I think the URLs only support mms transport which is not supported by SBS. The URL need to have http transport to work with mysqueezebox.com.

If you are using your own SBS server on Windows then disable Windows Media "native" in WebUI Settings/Advanced/FileTypes

2010-01-07, 08:40
Thanks for the tip. It is working fine.

Just stupid that I need to have my PC on to listen to my squeezebox.