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2009-12-05, 06:32
I am looking at getting some sound into my bathroom, and having just installed an SB Server + bedside SBRadio successfully, I'd Ideally like to integrate that if possible. I live in a small rented flat, so unfortunately installing speakers in the ceiling etc and drilling holes to run cables is not allowed..

I have read about people using the SB Radio in the bathroom, ok, but I think I'd prefer the touch as its that bit more compact, and the touch screen appeals...unless that's a really bad idea (wet fingers on screen = bad?). I do have power in the bathroom, so:

1) Does the touch have built-in speakers/amp or does it have to be plugged into a separate speaker/amp system? if so, what are the outputs (eg 3.5 St Jack or Phono?)

2) Will it hate the dampness of the bathroom anyway?

3) Are there any plans for a proper splashproof / IP65 SBWR (Squeezebox Waterproof Radio) in the pipeline..? It could have a potential market for other external places too - greenhouses, garages, conservatories etc...I'd be happy to provide design input, at least one Customer waiting :D

Thanks for any advice.


2009-12-05, 06:40
That would be awesome to have one with me when I went scuba diving. Count me in too.

(couldn't resist,sorry)

2009-12-05, 06:41
1) The SB Touch does not have built-in speakers. You would need to connect it to self-powered speakers or an amp+speakers setup. Wet fingers on the SBT probably wouldn't kill it, but I wouldn't recommend it either.

2) The published humidity specs for all the SBs are based on non-condensing humidity. If you have a really good exhaust fan in the bathroom then you probably won't have a problem. But if the mirror fogs when you shower, then yes, it probably lead to an earlier-than-usual demise of the SBT.

3) Logitech tries not to comment on new products in development. There haven't been any announcements for such an item, and I would be surprised if one appeared in the next few years.

2009-12-05, 11:06
Thanks for the feedback...

Scuba is quite an extreme example I hadn't thought of hehe

Looking around, there are some bathroom internet/wifi streaming radios available, I wonder if any of those could be pointed to SBS:9000/stream.mp3..?


2009-12-05, 14:11
I, too, needed to get some audio into the bathroom and the Boom fit the bill. While larger than the touch or SB3, it is an all-in-one unit -- no external amp, speakers, etc. Humidity isn't a problem for me; the bathroom is pretty well ventilated. I just keep the Boom on the far end of the countertop, well away from the sink and by an outlet.

The one difference I would note with your initial post is that I was able to run cat5. Really had to, since my WiFi doesn't propagate well.

Then again, WiFi doesn't tangle with the lines of your scuba equipment.


2009-12-05, 18:51
I think the Radio is ideal for the bathroom. That's where I keep mine when it's not roaming. Stereo doesn't matter much when you're in the shower, brushing your teeth, etc.

Maybe the Touch would be better for the night stand and move the Radio to the bathroom?