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Bennett, Gavin (LDN Int)
2004-07-27, 00:17

I couldn't agree more. When I buy CDs (not often any more) I encode them
into MP3 so they play on my Slimp3s, Car stereo and Archos (v. old iPod like
device). The CDs are then put in the attic - selling them would be wrong.
I have stopped buying Sony CDs and Sony hardware due to their draconian
protection schemes - which just annoy the hell out me.


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You see... curiously... I have almost exactly the opposite approach to that.
I have to say I don't buy a lot of CD's (having discovered that
increasingly... I really don't care for anything that's out in the charts),
but when I do... of the ways to acquire music legally physically getting a
CD is about the best bet.

It's got a number of advantages. Don't see them as a bit of plastic, more as
a persistent, high-quality backup of your music. You can rip it, and stash
it away somewhere safe indefinately. Once ripped - you can play it anywhere,
burn it to mp3-cd for the car, put it on CF for your iPAQ, stream it to
multiple places in the house at once, etc. I can honestly say that I've not
played an actual CD in the house since I got the Squeezeboxes, and I haven't
played one in the car since I got a mp3-cd & DAB reciever for there!

Contrast that to all of the DRM muck that the industry is desparately trying
to stuff down our throats - downloads of limited quality (I'm not even an
audiophile, but the idea that it's sold with limited quality practically
guarantees I'll feel the need to pay for it _AGAIN_ some day), tethered to
limited machines (which is a right pain - at last count, there are at least
10 devices which I routinely use to play music - 6 of which just plain don't
understand the concept of DRM at all - so that's not going to work for me).
And the worst of all - the very bitterest pill of the whole lot... is that
who's to say that in 10 years time any of the current encumbered music
providers will still exist to issue me new keys to play my music!

So... while it's still possible - I buy CD's... and regard them in the same
way I regard software CD's - merely as the transport media I use to
'install' the music onto the network.

-- Jules


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