View Full Version : IR Overload

2009-12-05, 02:34
Apologies if this has been noted before.

I had an original SlimDevices SB3 for years and loved it.

I decided to get a couple more (now Logitech SB3's) when it became evident that the end of their production was close.

On one of them, which I had moved to the location of the original SB3, and I always operated the remote from less than 2 feet. I needed to press the IR remote buttons several times before the commands eventually "took".

I couldn't work it out and changed batteries and tried all sorts of other remedies. I eventually noticed that if I stood back a couple of yards the problem disappeared.

I guess the Logitech model has a more powerful IR signal or an IR receiver that is more susceptible to overload.

Anyway not a problem for me now that I know what's going on - hope it may help someone else.