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2009-12-02, 09:55

Put this in General coz I wasn't sure which sub-forum was best.

I occasionally use Squeezeplay on my laptop as a remote control for getting music from my desktop to my hifi. e.g. sitting in the lounge doing some work. However, if the desktop has gone to sleep I can't wake it up from the laptop instance of Squeezeplay.

My SBC wakes up the server when a selection is made using a "magic packet", I believe. It would be nice if Squeezeplay did the same thing.

If someone tells me the correct heading to file it under I'll post it as an enhancement request.

.. or am I missing something simple?


2009-12-02, 14:12
If you are on a laptop PC then you don't need SqueezePlay to send the Magic Packet. It's easy to get a little program to do it for you.

I use Depicus WOL though there are others


I have a shortcut on my desktop called "Wake Server" which just does

"C:\Program Files\Depicus\WolCmd.exe" <server MAC address>

Then to wake the server I just double click it: bingo


2009-12-03, 02:04
Thanks for that. Just the kind of thing I need. Your help appreciated.


2009-12-03, 02:41
Very simple and exactly what I needed. Thanks bstrulo.