View Full Version : For Sale - Two Squeezebox 3 Units

2009-12-01, 22:30
I'm swapping out a couple of my Squeezebox 3 Wireless/Wired units for the Duet receivers and I thought this would be the best place to find them a good home. Both units have been gently used and are in great condition. I have everything for each unit including box, remote, power supply, cables and even the 'MP3 Is Not a Crime' sticker. They are both the black unit with silver front.

I'd like to get $200 each or $350 for the pair. Shipping would be UPS Ground for $15 unless you wanted to pay for faster service. I'm also open to listing on Ebay as a Buy It Now if that makes you more comfortable.

Hope this post is OK here since there is no marketplace. Admin feel free to remove if needed.

2009-12-01, 22:57
But why ? the SB3 is much better than receivers, the stability and ease of config you will miss that dearly, even if don't need the display for daily use.

You are aware of that an SB3 can be controlled by the Controller or any other interface exactly as the receiver ?

When I get my Touch, it is my receiver that is going into storage, will of course keep the controller to use with boom Touch and SB3 then.

2009-12-02, 14:04
Just sent you a PM.

2009-12-03, 11:34
PM sent