View Full Version : Is there any reason the Slimserver writes over the workingdatabase when it rescans?

Will Smith
2004-07-25, 23:59
Hi all,

As I was waiting through a rescan of my music collection, I wondered
why the server software zeros out the old database when it does a
rescan. If instead, it wrote songs it picked up in the scan to a new
copy of the database, and then switched to the new database when the
scan was complete. I think that would be better from a usability
standpoint and it shouldn't eat too many resources.

That way, users would have full access to their existing library of
songs while the server scans the music directory or iTunes xml file.
This is especially important if you're using iTunes, since the server
can rescan on it's own when it detects a change to the xml file. On
days that I rip music and add it to the library, the Squeezebox is
essentially limited to the playlist it starts on since it rescans
every few minutes.

Am I missing something important?