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John Hunt
2004-07-25, 12:32
Mine does that as well if I run Slimserver.exe, so I don't and I have no
loss of signal anymore and no crashes. I sometimes just get a loss of the
signal and have to restart if running SS but most of the time it crashed the

Interesting that you're using SP1, I've been having problems with SP2 RC2
and a few people here think that the SP2 is the problem.

John M Hunt

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> I'm wondering if _anyone_ on this list is seeng the sort of behavior that
> I described in my earlier post (see below). I didn't get much response to
> my original message, so maybe I'm alone here. I have submitted this
> problem to Slim Devices support, but haven't had any resolution yet. It's
> been two weeks and I'm in the position of having to restart the slim
> server on a daily basis. Needless to say this is sub-optimal.
> To review, I upgraded to 5.2 on my Windows XP box and things seemed fine.
> But after a while I noticed that the Squeezebox would lose connection to
> the server (symptom: the Squeezebox display is blank). I'd check the
> server and it would look just fine, running and not doing anything weird.
> Restart the server and everything's OK again, for a while.
> If nobody else is seeing this, then I have to assume it has something to
> do with my setup here. But I don't think that I changed anything to cause
> this to start happening.
> Windows XP Pro SP1 on a 1.2 Ghz Celeron with 256 Mbytes of RAM
> Linksys wireless network
> Thoughts anyone?
> - Jeff
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> > Subject: [slim] Problems with Windows service
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> > While I have not seen anything resembling the recently
> > discussed "Windows XP crashes," I am seeing some odd behavior
> > since going to 5.2. This is on Windows XP, running the Slim
> > server as a service. The setup works fine most of the time,
> > but lately it seems to get hung up about once a day. I'll
> > notice that the Squeezebox is blank, indicating no connection
> > to the server. Trying to access the web interface at this
> > time results in a timeout. When I check the server box, the
> > service is running normally, not using much CPU (maybe 1 or 2
> > percent). If I stop and restart the service, everything is fine.
> >
> > Any thoughts on what might be going on here or tips on how to
> > debug it? Thanks.
> >
> > - Jeff Allison
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