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Stuart Booth
2003-11-23, 05:06

Couple of questions/requests.

1) When listening to the events broadcast by the Slim Server s/w
(still using 4.2.6 here) would it be possible for an event to be sent
when a player completes its playlist?

At the moment you get things like "open <track>" and "play" and
"button play xxxx.yyyyyyy" etc, but nothing when it reaches the end of
the playlist and the display changes from "Now playing (1 of 12)" to
"Stopped (1 of 12)".

It would be very useful to know this.

2) When I query the state of a player such as via a CLI command
"playlist path ?" if I'm also listening to the Slim Server for all
events, I get to hear about the answer.

For instance, if I send "playlist path ?" as a query command on the
CLI I'll hear about it back on the event listener stream when
"playlist path ? <path to file>" appears.

I can filter some of these out as they include the original ? in them,
but the likes of "playlist index ?" and "playlist tracks ?" report the
answer and not the query character:

playlist path ? => playlist path ? <path to file>
playlist index ? => playlist index 11
playlist tracks ? => playlist tracks 12

So I can't detect and ignore the query events.

The same applies for the likes of "mode ?", "sleep ?", "mixer volume
?", and others.

This strikes me as being inconsistent and means I don't really have a
way of differentiating genuine events from query responses.

Stuart Booth
Somewhere in Buckinghamshire, England, UK

stuart (AT) stuartbooth (DOT) com