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Stephan Hundley
2004-07-25, 08:21
Lars, I never heard anything back. I reposted with log info, and the post
was too long. They asked me to post again, so here is a run-down.

I had been up and running for several weeks with no issues. I downloaded the
new ver of slimserver 5.2.1 - Intalled the new version, and went through the
process of upgrading the firmware. The display read upgrade completed, and
then it lost connection with the server. Although the player sees the server
ono the network, the software doesn't add the player to the player list.
After hours of troubleshooting I have discovered that the squeezebox is
randomly changing the MAC address it uses. I know this should be technically
impossible. I verified it is occuring on both the RJ-45 NIC and the wireless
I ran debugs on slimserver. Slimserver debug logs show App recognizes
strange MAC as squeezebox. I had arp tables showing the different MACs.
With this occuring there is no way for me to roll back the firmware or do
anything with the device. Hold down brightness and the device reboots. Happy
to send the device in for you to have a look.

BTW, this is a great device - I just want it working :)


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