View Full Version : Players stop (or never start playing)?

2009-11-28, 17:31
Weird. One of my SB3s just refused to play music, and I have been encountering that in both an SB3 and a SBoom in the last week. They will queue a playlist, turn on and off from the remote... but then will not play a single song. I also have a SBoom that for some reason refuses to play on after some songs when an album transition is involved. All of this seemed to start with 7.4.1.

The stalled SB3 was synched to 2 other players, and power-cycling it helped it. I should mention it showed a fuzzy screen when I went into the "Now Playing" menu... But the SBoom will just get stuck after a song with no reason or rhyme. I think I can reproduce that one quite reliably.

In any case, there are some battles to fight under 7.4.1 with some regularity. Logitech really needs to sort out the stability of this. I play music with multiple synched players for several hours each day, so I assume I am more likely to run into weird issues...

2009-11-29, 23:35
I continue to observe this phenomenon where players will stop producing sound and/or become irresponsive to the remote. It happened twice today that I had to turn players on/and off so that they would play music that (as per display) they were supposed to be playing. The log file unfortunately did not report anything at the time.

2009-11-30, 07:20
The weird thing is it seems to be getting worse, even though I didn't change anything about my setup. I used to experience it maybe once in a couple of days, last week it happened about daily, and yesterday at least ten times which was really annoying.

I have a feeling that it might be related to synchronisation - the more players I have in the sync group, the more likely it is to happen. And the other day the SB in the living room resumed playing when I power cycled the SB in the bedroom. :confused: But as you said, there are never any hints in the server log file.