View Full Version : Loving Napster Tracks in Last.fm

2009-11-28, 14:47
Let me first say, that buying the squeezebox some month ago was one of the best decisions in a long, long time. i love music, but i hate normal radio stations. so the combination of the squeezebox boom, last.fm and napster is the best thing that ever happened to me - musicwise -.

I just wanted to ask, if someone out there knows an answer.
let me explain:
if i listen to tracks on last.fm i can "love" em or "hate" em. if i love em, they are marked in my last.fm account as loved tracks. a pretty nice feature.

if i listen to tracks from napster, they are scrobbled to last.fm, but i CANT "love" em...

is there any way i can do that???

Can you fix it???

Besides this the boom is perfect, but i appreciate the effort you guys do, to make it more and more perfect!!!!!!

pascal from germany, heidelberg