View Full Version : Slimserver sucking up the CPU cycles - Perl at 60% plus

Owen Davis
2004-07-25, 06:16
When listening to music over my Squeezebox (firmware updated) it tends
to quit after a few minutes. I'm running Slimserver 5.2.1 and have
noticed that my Perl process is running extremely heavy.

I'm running on a Powerbook G4 w/1ghz processor and 1.25GB of RAM; ample
hardware to stream music it would seem and I never had troubles before.

I've tried uninstalling (throw all slim files in the trash) and
re-installing. I've tried shutting down everything I can that isn't
essential. But the big difference is whether Slimserver is running or
not. When running, my CPU is practically maxed out - turned off, my
CPU cruises along at 5 to 20%.

Any troubleshooting tips greatly appreciated.

Owen Davis