View Full Version : Policies are getting interesting.. What Next?

2009-11-27, 05:07
At one time the Slim Devices group concentrated on being the most effective route to play a digital music library connection. I am a little worried with recent developments.

The third party developers seem restless, issues of support and commitment from Logitech management - some seem to be giving up there involvement. As a music player it was Erland who got effective random plying to work, Triode to get Alien BBC and Pippin to create the best remote control (IMHO). Server Power Control from GHarris addressed the Server power issue most comprehensively.

We used to have a party mode (albeit declared as beta). Now in the Duet forum it is declared DEAD by the QA function in Logitech and the thread is CLOSED. No debate.

Instead we get apps with Flicker and Facebook. Where is the focus, is this product suite for playing music effectively or is it a lifestyle system? If the latter when can we expect the video squeezebox or the camera controller!

I understand it must be difficult for Logitech to handle this type of forum environment, but it exists, it is part of what they bought, and it handles most of the usage cases where incomplete documentation leads to confusion by users. In the past it also, through the eager development community, it made useful music related features available and supported to the whole user community.

Where are we going? Is it time to reconsider investments in streaming products.


2009-11-27, 10:53
Well at least the Party Mode thread in the Duet Forum is no longer closed.

2009-11-27, 20:03
I'm hoping that after the Touch is released they'll focus on getting some of the ol' Mojo back.

They can start by resolving the issues concerning the 3rd Party Developers. A vibrant developer community is the surest way of staying ahead of the rest of the pack.