View Full Version : redirect pc audio stream to play on squeezebox

2009-11-27, 02:22
Dear All,

i control my squeezebox in the living room more often from my laptop and the www interface then using the duet's remote control (i'm working at the laptop often). The music then plays over my home stereo set.

Now and then i play something from the web (e.g. YouTube) and then the sound is very low quality coming from my laptop speakers.

Is it possible to "redirect" the audio stream such that it will be played by the squeezebox? Would that be possible somehow?

I'm using Linux Ubuntu.


2009-11-27, 03:12
Hi, Wave Input Plugin


2009-11-27, 04:18
However the wavinput plugin isn't very useful for playing audio from YouTube, as there will be second or so delay between the picture and the audio, thanks to buffering.