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Mike Anderson
2009-11-26, 13:44
I'm listening to Radioio on a Squeezebox. I've paid for the audiophile channels.

Once every several minutes or so, I hear a short "skip" in the music -- not unlike what you used to hear on a phonograph when the needle skipped on an album (just not as regular and often).

I've heard it on Luxe, Chill Lounge, and probably other channels.

Anybody else getting these?

Mike Anderson
2009-11-28, 18:15

I was listening to Luxe earlier, and it seemed particularly bad. Almost unlistenable.

2009-11-29, 08:10
On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Mike Anderson <
Mike.Anderson.42e1wo1259457362 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com> wrote:

> Anybody?
> I was listening to Luxe earlier, and it seemed particularly bad.
> Almost unlistenable.

It's happening to me (also a paid subscriber). I've noticed it on several
channels. I don't think it happened when I was listening to the free
service, but I haven't pulled logs of the streaming to see what is causing
it to skip and pause.


Mike Anderson
2009-11-29, 10:32
Thanks for responding -- at the very least this should help me convince them it isn't solely a problem on my end.

How would I check the log of the streaming? (sounds gross...)

2009-11-30, 07:20
I think some of the problems are in the original data; I had some logging on for the past few minutes and just heard a pause (about 500ms). The logs don't show any problem with the stream and the buffer remained constant.

I wonder if RadioIO or Slim/Logitech made a change; I swear that I was buffering 2.6 seconds last night, but I am now buffering 8.8 seconds. I saw that there is a discussion in the forum regarding skips in Rhapsody. (I made no changes between last night and today.)

I'll do some more monitoring later tonight (East Coast Time) with logging turned on to see if there is anything obvious that causes the issue.


2009-11-30, 13:46
I also have started getting 1 to 3 second occasional skips after signing up for the audiophile Radioio feeds.
No other channel does this only the audiophile channels

2009-12-02, 16:03
It might be worth posting Radioio issues to their forum at http://www.radioio.com/phpbb/
There is a specific sub-forum for Logitech.
It does not appear to be that well used, but the RadioIO guys do seem to respond.

I had to re-register after their site upgrade a few weeks ago.
New subscription system did not migrate users 100%.

I also confirmed with them that they will continue to stream their channels to Logitech at 128k. This means we effectively get their ioBasic subscription for free ($.99/month, $9.99/year) via Logitech. Nice.

2009-12-03, 04:18
.....and just to add more info, like others have posted I get no such skipping playing the RadioIO non-premium stations.

Mike Anderson
2009-12-06, 14:13
I've been in touch with the tech support people at RadioIO. I'm told they rebooted the servers and re-started the streams, but I'm still hearing skips today.

It's very frustrating, because they don't hear them, even listening through a Squeezebox apparently...

It might help if other people here dropped them an email to confirm the problem.

2010-03-26, 18:33
Any updates to the skipping/dropout issue? I'm not inclined to sign up for the audiophile streams if they aren't reliable.

Any info appreciated,