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2009-11-25, 13:19
I am using foobar to create playlists for my squeezecenter. When foobar is done I edit the file and update the paths. I save this file into the playlists folder and rescan playlists. Squeezecenter sees the playlist but it is showing as empty.

I am running my Squeezecenter on a Readynas which is Linux and am creating the playlists on a windows machine. When I edit the file I have to remove the ^M from the end of each line. I save the playlist as a regular m3u file with just the path names, and I also wrote a little application that takes the m3u file and creates an extended M3U file. Neither of these playlists have any songs listed in the squeezecenter. When I look at them using vi on the Linux box they appear to be in the correct format with the correct path to the music.

I am using Version: 7.3.2 - 24695

Any help would be appreciated.

2009-11-25, 20:28
I doubt this is it, but it's worth checking just to be sure: are the m3u files readable by the user 'squeezecenter'? In SC 7.3.x the server usually runs under user 'squeezecenter', so you need read access to the files to see the contents. Likewise you need write access on both the files and the playlist directory for that user to allow saving playlists.

Note that when you upgrade to 7.4.x the username is 'squeezeboxserver' instead of 'squeezecenter'.

2009-11-26, 07:36
I checked that and the user and group permissions are the same for the foobar created playlist and a playlist that is created through squeezecenter.

I also noticed that squeezecenter playlist has a series of entries in the database for track and playlist but the foobar created one does not.

When I check the scan logs it doesn't appear to be scanning either playlist.

2010-01-03, 18:23
I have just installed a Readynas Duo and squeezebox boom and transferred all my music and playlists to the readynas. I have also updated the readynas with version 7.4.1 ( using downloaded file Squeezeboxserver_7.4.1-sparc-readynas.bin) and updated the firmware on the squeezebox so I assume I am pretty much up to date. None of the 100 or so playlists I transferred work at all. They all appear empty in the squeezebox server but are OK when I view them on the readynas drive.
I have resolved 2 different problems which has resolved most of my issues with empty playlists.

1. The transferred playlist contains paths to music on my windows hard drive for example D:\My Documents\My Music\Buddy Holly\The Legendary Buddy Holly\11 - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care.mp3 which I first had to change to \Media\Music\Buddy Holly\The Legendary Buddy Holly\11 - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care.mp3 so it referenced the music file on the readynas. This did not resolve the problem on its own

2. I then created an exact copy of a failing playlist using squeezebox server and compared the two playlists and found that the slashes were the other way round. So I ammended the entry to now show /Media/Music/Buddy Holly/The Legendary Buddy Holly/11 - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care.mp3 and the problem was solved. I can now scan my playlists, see them within squeezecenter server AND see and play them on my squeezebox boom

I can only think that the format change with the slash is required as the squeezebox sever running on my readynas drive is Linux. but thats a guess