View Full Version : Apple Lossless decoder for Linux?

Tom Armitage
2004-07-24, 15:38
Well I have an iPod and an iAudio MP3 player as well as a Squeezebox
and I was hoping to use a lossless codec and store everything on my
linux server, then transcode to MP3 for the iPod and iAudio, using a
high bitrate (and probably AAC) for the iPod and MP3 and a lower bit
rate for the iAudio.

Apple lossless seemed like a good choice because I've got a PowerMac
and have been using iTunes to manage my music library, but I'm getting
the vibe that there isn't a decoder for linux yet so I might have to
use FLAC and deal with the inconvenience of using the files with the

> That's true - but it's not clear from the original post if there's
> an iPod involved. It does seem like the intent though is to transcode
> from lossless to lossy for the portable device.
> --Jason

> Bill Taney wrote:
>> But not being able to play it on your iPOD would be a far greater
>> disadvantage than any benifit you would get from FLAC.
>> */Jacob Potter <jacobdp at gmail.com>/* wrote:
>> > On Linux you definitely want to use FLAC :-)
>> Agreed. Also keep in mind the possibility (rumor? plan?) of FLAC
>> support in the Squeezebox itself; this would be a huge advantage
>> playing lossless over wireless.