View Full Version : Server won't recognize player

2009-11-25, 09:08
Suddenly - for no reason that I can fathom - when I open Web Remote Control on the Advanced tab in Squeezebox Server I get the message "Your player was not found". It's connected to the network OK, and everything is working fine through the controller, and a couple of days ago it had no problem recognizing the player. Yet I'm not aware of having made any changes since it was last working. Any ideas please? I use XP (and am not at all technically-minded!)and have the latest Server 7.4.1 Thanks

2009-11-26, 14:52
It sounds like you changed the source through your controller. You should be able to change it back the same way. I find the easiest way is through "My Music" and it asks me if I want to access my server.