View Full Version : One reciever, two duet controllers

2009-11-25, 07:34
I have a SB recvr and a duet controller. I'd like to add a second controller to use upstairs in the bedroom to control the same receiver that the first remote is currently controlling. Can this be done easily? Thanks, Neal

2009-11-25, 07:37

When you add a duet controller to your network, it will be able to control any squeezebox device(s) that you have. They are all based on MAC addresses, so they are always individuals. Once you have it up and running on your network, you simply choose the squeezebox you wish to control.

2009-11-25, 08:08
I sometimes have Squeezeplay running on my laptop, which effectively gives me two controllers in the house. I suspect having two SBCs will work the same. There is no conflict between the two. If connected to the same player they will stay in sync and mimic the selection made on the other controller.


2009-11-25, 17:25
Be careful about the answer.

If you are running a normal wireless network, then it will surely work. If you are running the receiver wired and the controller bridged to the receiver, I'd be surprised if you could get a second controller to talk to the same receiver. But I don't know that for sure of course.