View Full Version : Can not find accessories

2009-11-25, 01:01
As a friend of mine is coming over from the states in a couple of weeks and I would like to get some spare remotes - Anyone in Bern can add their order on :)

I just had a look through the slimdevices.com page looking for spare remotes and the accessories page comes up blank.

Are SD no longer selling direct?

2009-11-25, 20:39
I'm pretty sure they have stopped selling through www.slimdevices.com or www.logitechsqueezebox.com. You need to go through www.logitech.com. It took some poking around to find them, but they do appear to have accessories on their product pages (eg, SBC batteries, Boom mounting brackets, power supplies, etc.)

See: http://buy.logitech.com/store/logib2c/en_US/DisplayCategoryProductListPage/categoryid.13980800

2009-12-07, 01:05
Hi Abuti

I took a look at the page and couldn't find the remote. I also took a whack at tring to find it myself, with no luck.

I wrote a mail to sales last week but have not recieved an answer. Any other tips on finding the remotes? The friend is coming over in less than 2 weeks and it would be great to get them.