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John Hunt
2004-07-24, 05:31
Hi Ken

Welcome to the Squeezebox. I'm also on XP and having a few problems. I'm
using Service Pack 2, Release Candidate 2 and this has some problems.

Try re-installing the software and choose to allow it to run at start-up,
this runs slim.exe as a Windows XP Service (control panel/admin
tools/service will show it running). This allows you to use it without the
slimserver.exe front end.

If you're using XP SP2 RC2, then your machine may crash when you run
slimserver.exe - this seems to be a known problem but reverting back to XP
SP1 is a major hassle.

No idea about the Japanese option though.

John M Hunt

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> Subject: [slim] I got one!
> This is a great product. Easy to set up, and great sound. But on day 1,
> a
> bit of problem. I might find the cause eventually, but if you could help,
> that would save a lot of time.
> When I close the slimserver on PC, I am asked whether I want to stop the
> slimserver also. I was listeing and I chose "NO". But, the icon on the
> system tray is gone. After the track I was listeing is finished, the
> front
> panel of the Squeezebos says "contact lost, check software is running".
> What does this mean?
> Another strange behavior of the front panel. Date shows strange
> characters.
> I am using English XP, but I have chosen Japanese as default. Does this
> have something to do with this? Any cure?
> That's about it for today. Again, this is a great product and I am very
> impressed. Thanks for your help.
> Ken