View Full Version : Any tips on moving to ReadyNas Duo from a PC

2009-11-24, 05:21
Sorry if I've missed an obvious thread, but a search of the forum and the Wiki doesn't seem to have an answer.

As the title says, moving from an Windows PC to ReadyNAS environment, and hoping that the set up will be straight forward. Just wondered if there were any hints or tips anyone could offer?

One question I do have is about the Squeezebox itself: It's currently linked via my wireless router and gets its IP address etc from this and also links via the router to Slimserver running on the PC. I'm no techie, but I'm guessing the router will continue to assign the IP address but will I need to do something to the Squeezebox to stop it looking for Slimserver on the PC? Or will it find the verion on the ReadyNAS and take things from there? I'll be connecting the ReadyNAS to the wireless router and continuing to use a wireless connection with the Squeezebox.


2009-11-24, 07:06
You'll find most NAS-related threads in the 3rd Party Hardware forum on this board. Plenty of info on ReadyNASs there. You will need to tell your SB to change its music source. You can do that via the menus on the SB (exactly how depends on which SB model) or via the SbS web interface.

2009-11-24, 16:43
Also, be prepared for a much slower web interface and much,much longer file scanning time. I have a ReadyNas and once setup with correct version of squeezeboxserver, music scanned, etc., it streamed my files (FLAC, mp3) just fine. But doing anything on the web interface is painfully slow. I reverted back to an old laptop running the SbS software feeding my various squeezeboxes. The ReadyNas is now just an expense backup location (although a little nicer as I can access it from my home network from any computer on the net and it's all hard wired with gigabit router and CAT6.

Julius D.
2009-11-24, 17:02
Here is a useful link:


Also, some file formats will not stream from the ReadyNAS because of the limited processing power. Some files need to be trancoded before it leaves the Nas, and the ReadyNAS just doesn't have the processing power to complete that process. Native file formats should stream fine.

What format are you files?