View Full Version : SqueezePlay 7.4.x design flaw

2009-11-23, 15:24
Hi All,

The newer versions of SqueezePlay (7.4.2 onwards) has a design flaw. When you turn off your player the menu becomes hidden! This is fine if you have only one player, but definitely not if you have more, which I'm sure is the case for a lot of folks.

Say I want to start playing on a second player. SqueezePlay forces me to turn on the current player first, switch to the second player. But wait, the first player is on and unexpectedly blasting music in the other room (I have my SqueezeBox set to resume play upon power on)!

Another annoying thing is that the new SqueezePlay does not allow resizing the window.

Due to the above I'm sticking to SqueezePlay 7.3.x for now.

SqueezePlay Developers, please address the above issues. I've filed requests in bugzilla.