View Full Version : Where to buy a Squeezebox Radio/Boom in the US

2009-11-23, 05:56

the end of this month I'm gonna be at Palo Alto (CA) which is located next to Mountain View (Home of the SBs).

I'm thinking about buying a Radio or a Boom. Last year it was pretty easy for me, Slim had a BBQ, and I could get my Transporter perfectly priced. It was also possible to order here, and to get the stuff delivered to my hotel.

But those were the "good old days", and my question is, where to get the SBs now?
I read about a sale at Best Buy, but i think there won't be any available. Circuit City doesn't exist anymore, and I'm not sure to find SBs at Frys.

So thank you in advance for your ideas

Kind regards