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Andy Dannelley
2004-07-23, 17:06
Hi Dan,

Although not a Cube, I use an old (1998) G3 MT with a 400Mhz G3 and
640MB RAM and an internal 16GB IDE drive to store my music library.
Running OS X 10.2.8 on the main drive, a 4GB IDE drive..

It seems to do just fine, but only use the box as a music and print
server, never have any problems printing when serving music or
streaming music when printing.

It seems that a 450-500 MHz cube should do just fine, but as others
have said, get lots of RAM maybe at least 512 MB.

IHTH, Just MHO, and YMMV


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> Hi,
> I've searched the website for the min specs for Slim server on Macos X
> but
> couldn't find them. I'm thinking of buying an Apple cube (450 or
> 500mhz),
> will that be fast enough ? Thanks in advance.
> btw: What are the min specs for slim server on a pc in case I go with
> that
> solution.
> --
> Dan.
> Cork,Ireland.