View Full Version : Remote-based web interface

Donald B. Lagosz-Sinclair
2004-07-23, 14:17
I was reading an online review of Squeezebox


and saw a reference to a web page with a functioning image of the remote
(http://localhost:9000/html/remote.html). I tried it, and thought it might
be nice to use with a PDA, except for the status display, which looks like:

Stopped (13 of 23) vfD_leftprogress0_VfdvfD_middleprogress0_Vfd...vfD _rightprogress0_Vfd -00:00
13. Cry Me A River vfD_notesymbol_Vfd

(The ellipsis on the first line stands in for eleven repetitions of

Is this a bug? If not, some means of defining a mapping between the
variables (e.g. "vfD_notesymbol_Vfd") and characters to substitute on
a non-vfd display would be handy.

-:- dbls