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2009-11-20, 12:01
Once again the .ram stream from the BBC have stopped working. Error message currently is "no items found in playlist". This has happened periodically and I would have to rummage around to establish the new URLs after the BBC shuffled their servers. This time, no joy. Wherever I look, references are always to the old eg http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r1.ram. This is also the URL that the iPlayer plugin wants to navigate to when selecting Internet Radio/BBC iPlayer/Listen Live/BBC Radio 1. I don't run RealPlayer on my network so I unfortunately have no idea whether this stream actually works.

My Slim Server is 7.3.2; iPlayer 0.9f.

PS: Loading the URL into notepad results in the following
rtsp://rmlegacy-acl.bbc.co.uk/bbc-rbs/rmlegacy-acl/farm/live24/bbc_ami/radio1/radio1_nb_live.ra?BBC-UID=24577493df9ef7b4e6cea04310b0fbbeee57efc4c00090 832b5acfd5e09a7105&SSO2-UID=
That is, the address DOES actually resolve. The stream does still exist.

2009-11-20, 12:40
BBCiPlayer does not play RealAudio (i.e. .ram, rtsp) streams.

Forget about the RealAudio streams as the BBC are closing them all down by March 2010.

Use the Live WMA streams or the live AAC streams using BBCiPlayer.

2009-11-20, 15:26
I am delighted to hear that the BBC are finally giving up on the Real format. It's been a pain in the lower backside all along. Mind, I am using the BBC iPlayer 0.9f plug-in, which is, as far as I can make out, the recommended method for tuning into the BBC. And navigating via "Internet Radio/BBC iPlayer/Listen Live/BBC Radio 1" gets me a .ram stream. Is there sthg that I am doing wrong? Do I need to configure that plug-in so that it chooses a different format/URL?

2009-11-20, 15:29
Correction: Navigating via the iPlayer plug-in takes me to http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r1.asx - which still gives me the aforementioned "Error: No items found in playlist".

2009-11-20, 15:35
I think you have a bad installation - the BBCiPlayer plugin will never get a .ram URL. That said - you cannot play the AAC streams on 7.3.2 - to use BBCiPlayer you need 7.3.3 at very least so I think you have a plugin mixup issue.

Why do you not use the Internet Radio/More Radio/BBC to play live WMA BBC streams - no load on server.

System info also helps
* What OS
* Are you in UK or outside UK

2009-11-20, 15:35
And http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r1.asx actually streams fine in WMP. So sthg's definitely awry with my SqueezeCenter...

2009-11-20, 15:42
I think you have a bad installation - the BBCiPlayer plugin will never get a .ram URL.Agreed - see my correction.

to use BBCiPlayer you need 7.3.3 at very least so I think you have a plugin mixup issue.I hate to say this (it's such a cliché) but ... it worked up until a few days ago.

* What OS
* Are you in UK or outside UK
Win XP SP3, in UK.


2009-11-20, 15:44
Put the ASX URL in the Web UI Internet Radio /Tune-in box and see if it plays.

If it doesn't then it is a BBC problem.

2009-11-20, 15:47
If it doesn't then it is a BBC problem.I don't think it's that simple since, as I wrote in post #4, Radio 1 streams fine in WMP. Tune-In yields the same "Error: No items found in playlist".

2009-11-20, 15:50
The "no items in playlist" typically for the following reasons

1. Network timeout because BBC is slow in responding or network congestion - a workaround is to increase radio station timeout (e.g. WebUI Settings/Advanced/Network)
2. PC security s/w is interfering with SC operation.

2009-11-20, 16:55
Network timeout - a workaround is to increase radio station timeoutIncreased from 5 secs to 15 secs, no change. Note also that the error message is instantaneous. After that, I went to the Extension Downloader and removed iPlayer, then re-installed. After that, Radio 1 did come on ONCE. The error message popped up first but the stream still came on. Did not happen again after though :(

I have a URL sniffer called NetXfer. When I run that, the entire batch of URLs listed inside the ASX file fly by. Dunno whether this means anything to you?

PC security s/w is interfering with SC operation.Well, I dunno what would have brought this about. Also, the non-BBC station are playing fine.

2009-11-21, 11:49
Any ideas, anybody? It is still not working...

2009-11-21, 13:35
What security s/w are you using ?

2009-11-21, 17:07
Kaspersky IS. Hate it.

2009-11-21, 17:20
See this thread especially post 13 & 14


2009-11-22, 07:04
Spot-on, bpa !! This is the end of my 5yr road with Kaspersky. I've had enough. Replaced it with COMODO IS. CPU loading is waaaay down and all the system menus are performing much faster again.

The untrained firewall is still playing up a bit but, given time, it will hopefully fall in line. BBC is streaming fine as I write this. Yippee!

So the BBC packing up turns out to be a blessing in disguise...

Thank you!

2009-11-22, 12:13
I have just upgraded my Notebook running Windows XP SP3 to SBS 7.4.1 and BBCiPlayer to 0.9f. I have "use flash MP3" enabled. Oh and I am in France.
I am able to get the live streams but all the listen again stuff shows Nothing when I select any programmes from Radio 2 or Radio 4.

As I had upgraded from 7.3 to 7.4.1 I then cleared down the cache but this made no difference.

Any thoughts on where the listen again stuff has gone?



2009-11-22, 12:47
When you say "shows nothing" does this mean you get an empty menu?

You will probably need use AAC enabled to get listen again outside the uk.

2009-11-22, 13:44
Thanks. Enabling AAC did the trick.