View Full Version : ANy option to Stream Wolfgang's Vault besided WaveInput?

2009-11-18, 22:12
HI All.

A just got a Duet in the last few weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I wanted to stream from Wolfgang's Vault and since there is an app for the IPhone I thought there might be a plugin for the Duet besides Wave input. Is there any other option to get Wolfgang's Vault?



2010-02-13, 15:05

Would love to see this as an app!

2010-02-13, 15:20
I'm a premium member of wolfgang's vault (192kbs stream). I've written to them and asked specifically about this. They did respond with enough detail that they understood my request but with a "we're all ways seeking ways to improve service to our customers" and no specifics. I suspect if enough folks asked via their website comment section, it might get their attention. But maybe not. It would be very nice to have on SB.