View Full Version : Radio clock not synched with local server

2009-11-17, 22:50
This evening I noticed that the clock on my radio was three minutes ahead of the time on my cell phone. I assumed that my home server must have lost its NTP sync and was drifting.

When I checked the home server it was synched correctly and the time was bang on. Three minutes behind the time on the radio.

I rebooted the radio and the time shows correct but this leads to some questions. Does the radio get initial time from the server and then do NTP to keep clock updated or does it always take time from the local server? If the latter it does not appear to be working well. Three minutes of clock drift in two weeks of operation is not acceptable to me in a device I count on to get me up in the morning.

2009-11-18, 22:04
Okay, guess I will open a bug report on this one.