View Full Version : Music Scan Terminating Unexpectedly - then other problems

2009-11-16, 21:39
I changed a couple things on my computer, then i realized that squeezebox didn't like something and now I can't get things back to normal...

1. I updated to Win 7
2. I installed AVG free av
3. I installed a new hard drive and copied my music there

Now I cannot get the squeezebox to scan things properly.
I got several "Scan Terminating Unexpectedly" notes and after changing my directory to scan a couple times, now I get the scan where only one song is picked up (and why it chooses and NSYNC song, I am not sure) ;-).

Any help would be appreciated...
I have attached the log

Phil Leigh
2009-11-16, 23:35
you need to tell AVG to ignore *.myi/myd files