View Full Version : Cant connect to Mysqueezenetwork (please help)

2009-11-16, 16:29
Hey there guys.

My problem is, when I am connected to my SqueezeBox Server (on my Synology 207 - works fine btw) and want to log directly into Mysqueezenetwork, it won't connect. But after the failure to connect message Im able to go to main networksetting menu, where I can connect to MysqueezeNetwork.

In settings it says not valid username and/or password as well.

Im 100% sure that it IS the right username and password (Im logged in now from a computer)

What is the problem?

Im using a D-link 655 router - do I need to do something, to get to get online or what seem to be the problem?

I cant connect from both Boom and Classic 3 otherwize from the network menu.

PLEASE HELP, it is frustrating to try to connect, wait for failure, go to network setting, and use that connect.

2009-11-23, 03:47

maybe it is only your gateway missing?