View Full Version : Does Radio Support WOL to Server?

2009-11-15, 20:09
Configured my new Radio today for MySqueezebox, but I'm not sure how to get it to switch over to my local server. When I select My Music from the home menu it gives me a message about downloading and installing SBS. There doesn't seem to be any way to get past this message. The server PC is in standby and I'm used to my SB3 sending a WOL packet when I turn it on. I haven't figured out how to get the Radio to do the same thing. Is the Radio not capable of waking up the server?

2009-11-16, 08:34
Answered my own question: Yes, the Radio will send a WOL to server. It just can't do it the first time it connects to your local server because (duh-slaps forehead) it doesn't know enough to do so. Your server has to be powered up for the Radio to find it and confirm it is the place you want to be attached.

Next question: If I've just listened to my local server and now have switched to Rhapsody, does the Radio know the server is no longer needed and let it shut down? Or, how do I manually switch Radio source from server to network? I'd prefer my server to go back to standby if its not needed.