View Full Version : SB3 Delayed Start

2009-11-15, 07:00
I have two SB3's that I often sync. One stays hooked to my stereo, while the other feeds into a pair of AE5's that I move around. The second one often takes several minutes to come on after I plug it in. The screen is just black for several minutes (up to 10), and then it decides to come on, hook into the network and sync to the other SB. Both of these SB's are at a vacation home, so they often are unplugged for weeks at a time. This doesn't seem to bother the one that stays hooked to the stereo, however. Since it is plugged into the stereo's power outlet perhaps it is never completely without a power supply. It still doesn't seem right that the other SB3 does not power up immediately.

2009-11-15, 08:33
I'd try swapping the two, see if the problem follows the SB3 in question.