View Full Version : How does lossless work?

David Cullen
2004-07-22, 02:18
Isn't this already possible?

Ie. purchase a DAB card for your server (such as
http://www.hhosting.co.uk/modtech/dsheets/DAB_PCI.htm), run it using DAB bar
(http://www.dabbar.co.uk/dabbar.htm) and then save the stations in a
playlist in your music folder, which you can access from slimserver and the

I'm probably missing some technical stages out here but my understanding was
that it could easily be done - it's certainly one of my future plans - just
as soon as my local DAB transmitter is improved.


>Actually, what would be better is a DAB radio solution that plugs into my
>Linux server somehow (USB/Firewire?) and that streams digital audio out the
>the squeezebox and can be controlled from both the slimserver web interface
>and from the squeezebox.

>Thanks again,