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2009-11-14, 16:29

My trusty Squeezeboz V3 is dead. No display or any other livesign.
What goes typically wrong with them? I would like to repair it as I really like it.

2009-11-15, 01:45
Check the power supply unit.

Edit: In case that you do not have a volt meter. Check if you have a dimmed light at the display corners or you can have a look at the optical digital output if you see a little red light there.

2009-11-15, 08:14
I have about 5.2V at the plug. No signs of any (dimmed) light on the unit.

2009-11-15, 12:01
I also tried the following:
- both resets with the remote (add and 1)
- removed the wireless card
- tested 5V on the plug once plugged in.

Does anyone have the schematics?

2009-11-15, 12:02
I had a similar problem (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=71324), but it is only the display that has gone - There is still a red glow coming from the optical out in the back of the unit and I could still play music through it until I tried to reset it by unplugging it plugging it back in again.

Unfortunately, it seems Logitech are not offering a repair service for SB3s, but are honouring the 2 year warranty. It will depend upon when you bought yours as to whether you are covered by this warranty.

I completely agree with you in your attachment to the SB3. Probably the best electronic device I have ever owned and one that never fails to amaze people you see and hear it for the first time.

Your other hope may be that with the launch of the Touch there will be a wave of SB3s hitting the second hand market cheap, but I doubt it. Why would one sell off such a great piece of kit? I kept my SB1 when I upgraded to SB3 and am very glad I did so as at least I still have a working SB in my house, even if it doesn't have quite the polish of an SB3.

I am sorry I have no more constructive advice and hope you can prove you bought yours within the last 2 years if it has indeed died.


2009-11-16, 21:03
Yes, I bought it when it was new, more than two years ago.

Some household "members" insist that they noticed a strange electronic smell recently. Don't know if this helps any to pinpoint the problem.

Otherwise, I might have to go with the route of buying a used one.

2009-11-21, 08:15
I don't know if this would be of any help:

Could a voltage regulator be the issue?

2009-12-07, 13:31
Hello, did you recently drop your unit from a few feet? This might cause your vacuum display to stop working.

I had this happen... (the display gradually went dark after about 20 minutes).

I asked for support and got the reply that they did not offer a repair service for my squeezebox 3 (it was out of warranty).

My resolution was to order a new display unit from Noritake (about $200) and then replace it myself. This was about half the cost of a new unit (in Canada).

There was some soldering required. The repaired unit works good as new... great to have it back for sure.

Best regards.

2017-10-01, 08:13
Great stuff, I also have a display problem with my SB3 but it's not fading or anything. My SB3 just went dark from one day to the next. After some research I found that removing the wifi card would bring back the display and the SB would work just fine over Lan. So I bought a new wifi card in China - problem solved. Now my SB3 went dark, again. After more research I found that plugging and unplugging would sporadically bring back the display, but only only if the SB was warm. Which leads me to believe it's a power problem since I can't see any soldering problems. The funny thing is once the display comes back it stays working until I disconnect it from power. Any ideas anyone?

2017-10-01, 08:35
When you say it went dark, is it just the display that is affected or is it completely off line?
If it is completely out, i.e. not playing and not seen from LMS or Mysqueezebox then I'd start looking at the power supply. They have a tendency to act up, but replacements are readily available on Ebay, Aliexpress et al. Sadly the cheap replacements aren't always the best quality, but at the price I can't complain if they only last 4-5 years.

2017-10-01, 10:39
These are two "classic" threads on testing SB3 failures. They provide info on what to test/measure