View Full Version : Is there any way for Winamp to "control" slimserver??

2004-07-21, 19:33
No, you can't do that. Why don't you just use softsqueeze?

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Subject: [slim] Is there any way for Winamp to "control" slimserver??

I know that I can get Slimserver to stream to winamp, but I am interested in
using Winamp to load up and play playlists on slimserver.

The reason I'd like to do this is that I use Winamp for playlist and MP3 tag
management, etc. I also use it to "rip" shoutcast broadcasts into
MP3 files.

Now, when I want to play those playlists and files on my squeezeboxes, I
need to export the playlists from Winamp and reimport them (rescan) into
slimserver, and then use slimserver to control the various squeezeboxes.

If there were a way to "play" the list in slimserver directly from Winamp,
it would avoid all that.

Any suggestions would be welcome.