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2009-11-14, 06:15
OK, I'm probably being a bit dense but, I have podcast subscriptions in iTunes and I want to play them on the Boom and I can't work that out.

I've installed mediafly and can search and play podcasts but not the ones on my laptop. I have joined mediafly and thought I could subscribe there, link them into iTunes and SB but whilst I have linked to iTunes I can't link to SB as it is telling me to go to 'Music Services' on the menu (doesn't exist) scroll down to personalize and find my code.

Any clues?

2009-11-18, 22:07
There is not a strict link to podcasts in itunes as far as I know.

I understand itunes would download them to a file. Find out where that is downloaded and make sure your local sb server is scanning there (assuming you are running a local server). Basically just like any other music file. You may need to put a shortcut in your normal music folder to the place where itunes is downloading podcasts. That is one way.

Another way is to use the podcast app and subscribe to the same podcasts there. This doesn't download the podcasts as I understand. It directly plays from source when requested.