View Full Version : Squeezeslave and 2 soundcards

2009-11-13, 18:26
As I mess around with the htpc, i figured I'd give squeezecenter another chance (been using winamp) since my buddy got a transporter I needed to set up for him and I started dreaming of buying one of my own...or at least a touch when they're available.

The computer has onboard audio with as part of the HDMI out that I use for watching netflix on demand, etc on the TV. For music, I use an e-mu 1212m soundcard which has asio drivers going to my stereo's preamp.

When I try using squeezeslave either with or without asio, I get no sound from the stereo. When I disabled the onboard sound, I got music. How do I use squeezeslave for music through the e-mu card without disabling onboard audio? Can it be done?


2009-11-13, 18:28
If you do a squeezeslave -l it will show you all the available sound devices. You need to start squeezeslave and connect it to the correct device.

2009-11-13, 19:16
Yep...thanks! :-)