View Full Version : Squeezebox receiver + iPeng - reliable?

2009-11-13, 04:11
Hi, my chief would like to have his music collection in 3 offices. I thought about buying 3 receivers a control them from iPhone or iPod via iPeng, so he has touch controller.
I do have SB Duet, and love it, but I sometimes do have stability and reliability issues.

Would the receiver + iPeng be a stable setup? I really don't need any special functions, my main goal is to provide him a reliable setup, he's no computer geek and I don't have time to fix something everyday...

2009-11-13, 05:36
Well, my experience is that most of the potential issues you could be seeing are between the server and your Receivers.
If you've got a stable setup there, iPeng should work pretty solid.
I'd recommend a decent NAS or small media server with SBS on it and to wire the Receivers wherever possible. However _my_ Receiver is on WiFi and I'm having zero issues.

One thing you should be aware of is that you cannot setup a receiver with iPeng, you need a Controller or Net::UDAP for this so I would add a few more considerations:

1. Is a Classic an option instead of the Receiver? It can be configured using the IR remote
2. If you configure it using Net::UDAP I would recommend to have a stable configuration using a 24/7 server so you run low risk of losing a connection. Also the Receivers should stay powered.

2009-11-13, 06:13
Thanks for this info, I do have Controller at home, so I can use it for setup. I thought the Classic is no more sold? Anyway, I don't need the display etc., as the receiver will be hidden somewhere...

2009-11-24, 00:56
I'm curious about this too - I want to buy my mother a Squeeze Center setup for christmas, but the duet is out of my price range. She has an iPod Touch so I think the receiver would be the perfect solution, but setup looks a bit daunting...

Assuming I can get the thing set up, how reliable is it to just stick with only iPeng + Receiver?

2009-11-24, 01:43
For me, it's been very reliable. But if you want to be on the safe side, how about browsing around for a Classic?they can be had at pretty good prices right now and you can always set it up with the IR remote

2009-12-01, 09:52
The other nice thing about the SB3 is that it has IR out on the headphone jack. You can use an IR "bug" to turn on/off the other (presumably hidden) gear.

2009-12-01, 10:36
I just use ipeng and receiver but I have good knowledge of IT systems so can troubleshoot should I ever have an issue. If you stick to just online music or just a squeezebox server and never mix between the two its pretty dummy proof I would say.

problem in putting these systems in for other people is they wont appreciate how the whole system is set up so expect some phone calls!