View Full Version : Album Art Mutiple Albums

2009-11-12, 19:49
Squeezebox Server (and my Duet) are treating a number of Greatest Hits albums as one album in the list of albums in My Music as well as with cover art. Tha album shown is Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits, but albums and the tracks from 5 other artists' greatest hits collection are grouped under this album. My music is on iTunes, which had the same single album problem (althoug the tracks had the correct cover art) until I fixed it by correcting the info tab in the "get info" tab under the file tab. I have rescanned the entire library several times since I fixed the iTunes library, but the rescans do not change this problem with Squeezebox Server. Squeezebox track listing and album art is otherwise acurate and complete.I am not tech-savvy and I would appreciate any thoughts