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2004-07-19, 17:01
Looks like you can get the T-amp at Target stores. That would be an easy
way to try it out, and if you weren't impressed with it you should be able
to get your money back quite easily.

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I just noticed this amplifier available at ThinkGeek:


Battery powered or use a 12v adaptor. Might be just the ticket.

On Jul 13, 2004, at 2:56 PM, Todd Fields wrote:

> A lightening storm somehow fried the ethernet ports of the three
> computers in my home network, my router and my Rio Receiver. I
> believe it came through my phone line because I have one computer
> connected to a phone line and that computer's modem was fried as well.
>> From there I guess somehow it jumped to my wired
> ethernet network (to which this computer was also
> connected.) At least I'm guessing this is what happened. The only
> good news from this...my wired Squeezebox was the only ethernet based
> device that escaped unscathed.
> On to my question, my Rio Receiver is used to stream children's music
> to my one year olds room. The Rio has a built-in 10 WATT amp that
> powered some small Bose 101 bookshelf speakers, plenty for a one year
> old to listen to The Wiggles. Instead of trying to replace the Rio
> (it sells for around $50-$75 on eBay) I was hoping to just use my
> SLIMP3 which has been "retired" since I purchased my Squeezebox.
> However, I will need a small amplifier in order to power power the
> speakers. I can't really seem to find any inexpensive small
> amplifiers. The amps I've seen are either overkill, expensive or just
> kits for hobbyists to build their own. Anyone have any suggestions?
> I guess if push comes to shove I could find some inexpensive powered
> speakers but I do like the Bose and I don't have any other use for
> them which would be a waste.
> Todd
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