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2009-11-12, 09:39
I'm actually happy with my system, but a strange bug occurs since around two weeks now... When accessing to a webradio (any webradio, around 50% of the time), the speed is twice the normal speed (till the end of the cache), or, sometimes, half the normal speed... I have to go back in my favorites, choose back the radio, and, eventually, it will go ok...

I was on 7.4.2, , I deinstall and reinstall then I upgraded to the last build, and it's the same story...
Not such a bif deal (even funny on certain songs), but a bit annoying...

Any solution around?


2009-11-12, 10:06
What player are you using?
Link to a few of these web radios that have this issue?
Log file when the error happens?

2009-11-12, 10:22

I'm using a duet with three receivers.
Alongside, I use a squeezeplay.
It happens on all players, on all different radios (whatever bitrate, news, music etc)
I'll get the log next time
(excuse me for the freshman question=> which log, as it doesn't see it as an error)

2009-11-12, 10:30

2009-11-12, 10:35
I found the log, but it doesn't see any error... The sound is perfect, and it's a correct answer to the demand of a specific radio..except the speed isn't good

2009-11-12, 15:27

It seems this does not only happen with local files, but also with internet streams.

2009-11-12, 16:27
That bug is specific to SqueezePlay Desktop, not the Duet (Receiver)

Are you having this issue with the Duet OR with SqueezePlay Desktop?

2009-11-12, 16:45
That bug is specific to SqueezePlay Desktop, not the Duet (Receiver)

Ah, sorry. Somehow I missed the Receiver part and assumed the thread was about the Squeezebox Radio. Probably because it has "radios" in the title. :)

2009-11-13, 02:46
It happens more often on squeezeplay (from a statistic point of view, I'm more often using it from my lounge), but it happens also on the receivers over the house.
To be complete, It happens equally using my duet controller or iPeng... and never on local files!