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2009-11-11, 13:12
Hi all,

I've been trying to find out if IR Blaster works with the Duet controller...but I'm at a loss. I simply can't figure it out. Most info I found doesn't seem to mention Duet Controller.

Can anyone illuminate me?

If not IR Blaster, is there any other way to get the Duet Controller to turn my amp on and off (possible also control the volume)?

Thanks a lot!

2009-11-11, 13:48
Using Google I found mention of the beta applet SqueezeIR:


Unfortunately I don't have the IR codes for my Amp. I thought I'd found them on LIRC, but no...it was not for an AMP, but a cd player. Bummer.

I finally actually found something for my amp model (Rotel RA-985BX) on RemoteCentral, but I haven't figured out how to use the RTI (?) file yet, since I guess I need to buy some RTI TheaterTouch Designer software or something...?

Kinda confusing. Is it just me?

2009-11-11, 13:58
The controller actually has an IR port built in. It's not "officially" implemented, although there is a test mode where it can emulate the "Classic" IR remote. Someone has written an app to use the controller as an IR remote... search the forums, there is a thread on it somewhere. If I find the thread, I'll post a link.

Here's link to thread:

2009-11-11, 14:08
Hi, thanks a lot. I actally found the same thread myself (after a lot of searching and messing about), but you beat me to it :).

I also managed to accidentally crosspost in the thirdparty plugin forum:
(I have edited my post since creating it).

Now it seems I "just" need to figure out how to configure the IR codes in SqueezeIR (the config txt file seems a bit "advanced") - besides also needing to find the IR codes for on/off for my Amp (thought I had them - but no...).

But thanks for the help so far.

2009-11-11, 19:21

The receiver part of the duet doesn't have a headphone out. IR Blaster works using the headphone out of the SqueezeBox Classic. So IR Blaster doesn't work.

But there is a plug-in for the controller as suggested above.