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2009-11-09, 04:43
**Apologies, critical error I know, but I originally posted that I have Diamond 10.1's, I infact have 9.1's. Maybe it was just wishful thinking...

First of all I apologise for posting this question as I am well aware that there have been numerous similar posts in the past, but my question is very specific so I hope somebody can help.

My current audio setup consists of a Duet, Cambridge Audio Azur 640A amp and Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers. I have no problems with this setup (well as far as my budget allows anyway..). However, ideally it would be nice if I could get rid of the amp as, not only would this result in fewer cables, but it would also mean I could get rid of the furniture it sits on, and just make less general clutter.

I have been looking at the Audioengine A5's for some time and reading the positive reviews. However, where I live in the UK it is very easy to mail order them, but impossible to listen before I buy.

So my question is simple - if I purchase the Audioengine's to replace my current amp and speaker, will the sound quality be the same? I know that is down to taste, and that they will sound different, but does anybody have any idea if they will sound significantly better or worse.

Basically, if they are worse, I will live with what I have. If they are the same or better, I will change and declutter.

Many thanks in advance.

2009-11-09, 09:36
you have a very good setup. i have not heard the wharfedale speakers, but from what i gather they are a recent design and you have matched them with a very clean integrated amp. so i think what you own may be all in all "superior" the the A5 (which i own and regard as an amazing price-performance ratio) in a musical sense, but you may get more bass out of the A5. a lot of it will depend on how you do your listening.