View Full Version : AAC+ internet streams

2009-11-08, 12:48
Hi guys,

At this moment I have a classic Squeezebox 3, and I still love it.
Nowadays more internet radiostations use AAC+ for their streams. Mu SB3 does noet play these streams using SqueezeNetwork ( I am not able to use Squeeze Centre, and don't want to).
Does this new SB Touch play AAC+ streams using SqueezeNetwork (now called MySqueezebox)? Specs indicate that it does play AAC, bit there is no information about AAC+ as far as I can see.

Does someone know wether this works?


2009-11-08, 13:27
Radio and Touch can play AAC+ natively. I think both HE-AAC v1 and HE-AAC v2.