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2009-11-08, 08:46
A few pointers if you will, (pretty new to all this):-

I want to buy a NAS for backup but mainly to run 7.4.1 24/7(currently runing through Vist laptop but obviously lose 7.4.1 when I shut down), ultimately trying to create a digital home environment to stream music, films and photos.

No idea which one is best but have come across a Synology DS409slim, gets good reviews and has capacity for 4 HDD's

Can I use a Synology DS409slim to run 7.4.1? can only see NETGEAR as a NAS option)?
If so, how do I do this? (same way as I run it through my Vista laptop?)

All advise welcome, thanks in advance

2009-11-09, 22:26
Of couse, all synology products support Squeezebox. The only differences are the speed and the number of HDD it supports.


2009-11-10, 14:24
thanks Amco,

what do you mean by "speed and number of HDD" are they slow, are there any you can recommed?